What is defensive driving? The defensive driving definition may be advanced over the traditional driving practice in that a defensive driver uses defensive driving techniques or skills to anticipate potential hazards and prepare for such circumstances in advance.

Defensive driving techniques conjointly utilize key skills to extend fuel economy, vehicle wear, and time. The level of defensive driving varies significantly and can be self-taught to advance one’s own basic driving skills or are often taken within the form of an expert driving course conducted by trained professionals.


Part of a defensive driving program is to show driver stress management. This can involve the planning of journeys beforehand to avoid gratuitous stress and to make use of other routes if necessary.


What is defensive driving -Defensive driving is advanced driving and increases a driver’s ability to predict potential hazards or accidents. As such, the probabilities of an accident occurring is considerably reduced whether through your own fault or another driver.


Before you hang back the wheel of that two-ton frame of glass and steel, here are some safe driving tips to assist you to keep in control:

  •   Stay focused

Driving is primarily a thinking task, and you have a lot of things to think about once you’re behind the wheel: road conditions, your speed, and position, observant traffic laws, checking your mirrors — the list goes on. Staying centered on driving — and only driving — is important to safe driving.

  •   Stay alert

Being alert (not asleep or beneath the influence) permits you to react quickly to potential issues — like once the driving force within the car ahead slams on the brakes at the last minute. Obviously, alcohol or medicine (including prescription and over-the-counter drugs) impact a driver’s time interval and judgment. Driving whereas drowsy has a constant effect and is one of the leading causes of crashes. Therefore, rest up before your road trip.

One cannot become a driver within a few days. You need to pass every driving stage before becoming a driving expert. It is necessary to know the full driving course from basic to advanced level. If you want to receive a thorough knowledge of driving, you must choose a driving school in Broadmeadows.

Attending the driving school will remove the fear of roads. You can get top quality training from a skilled team in the driving school. Moreover, the driving course will prepare you even for driving on the worst roads.

Stage Wise Program

You can never gain expertise in the driving field unless you start from the first stage. The talented group of driving instructors will give you driving tips that will help you while driving on any road type. Moreover, you can get more confident while driving any car.

Different Car Models

The driving school offers many latest car models with different features. You have the choice to pick the car for training. Besides, the driving instructors also handle the car functions for the student’s safety. Furthermore, the cars of the driving school are well-serviced and maintained regularly.

Free Key2Drive Lesson

Every driving school offers a free driving lesson of 2 hours. In this session, you can learn about the basic rules and regulations of driving. Besides, you can learn how to use car features such as accelerator, clutch, and break while driving.

Polite Driving Instructors

The driving team of the driving school has experience of more than 10 years in this field. They also have a valid license and other necessary papers. Apart from that, they know all the roads and routes of the city. They also train the students in driving on all the road types.

Attending the regular batches of the driving school will give you other advantages like:

  •       Complete all the licensing formalities within a short time
  •       Convert your international license into the national license
  •       Give knowledge about driving rules, laws, and other acts
  •       Improve your attitude while riding the car
  •       Learning Techniques for safe driving
  •       Learning road signs and symbols from the charts and other written materials
  •       High chances of passing the road exams on the first try.



If you do not feel confident enough for the self-teaching method and thinking about how to drive safely, a completely qualified driving instructor is ready to provide you with techniques like those on top of that that will assist you to become secure and confident driver in no time. You will possibly only want some hours to induce your driving back in shape. Typically, eco-driving is a component of the teaching program, that the money spent on these lessons will simply be saved over a brief amount of your time on fuel expenses.



Use these advanced driving techniques to spice up your defensive driving skills and feel lighter with driving lessons.


  1. Concentrate on Everything Around You

One of the primary things that any defensive driving course can teach you is that driving an automobile needs the use of most of your senses.


  1. Keep Back

A sensible defensive driving course will teach you concerning the ‘two-second rule. See once the car ahead of you passed a hard and fast point, then attempt to pass it a minimum of 2 seconds later.


  1. Place Down Your Devices

Cutting devices out of your drive time can even assist you to stay centered on the drive and observe the principles of defensive driving.

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