If your teenager is preparing to drive, or you are looking for a driving school near me then now’s the simplest time to book their first driving lesson.

Khan driving school near me can make the driving process easier, is qualified to show others, and has the patience and understanding needed to line the foundations of excellent driving habits.

While some parents may choose a lesson or two just before their teen takes their driving test, having professional lessons earlier can ensure teens start with up-to-date information and a positive experience.

Lack of experience, limited judgment, underestimation of risks, and risk-taking behavior, including alcohol and medicines, are the most important issues.


To help your teenager stay safe behind the wheel, here’s why you ought to consider a professional driving instructor near me from their first driving session.

Some parents may consider it their duty to show their children to drive. However, while you’ll consider yourself an honest driver, you’ll even have picked up some bad habits over time.

Keeping a uniform eye on the rear vision mirror, staying within the speed limits, and signaling correctly is vital to model to your teen, whether taking manual driving lessons or automatic driving lessons.

Knowing the way to explain the subtleties of reverse parallel parking, hook turns and three-point turns, and where they will be legally performed might not be your forte.

In addition, a survey on driving reported young drivers were making their parent’s mistakes with up to 70 percent participating in potentially dangerous activities.

These included eating behind the wheel (47%), sending texts (28%), and answering calls without hands-free devices (27%).

Fortunately, poor driving habits are often addressed with professional instruction and reminders about not driving tired, employing a phone while stopped at lights, speeding, running red lights, or driving without a seatbelt, among other bad habits.


Whether the first-time driving is with a teacher or parent, it’s recommended to book a minimum of three professional driving lessons.

Even after completing the 50 hours required (in WA) to take a seat in the sensible Driving Assessment (PDA) and achieving a probationary license (Ps), we encourage new drivers to continue with their schooling.

The first six months after getting a license are often the foremost vulnerable on the road.

A minimum of three lessons will help to make sure your teenager remains safe on the roads and continues to practice good driving techniques. So, book a driving lesson near me at Khan driving school.

The most common reason for failure has nothing to do with nerves or pressure, it’s not being prepared correctly. If you’ll only drive well with someone sitting next to you and helping you during your driving lesson, then really, you’re not able to take an independent test which is marked by someone who won’t assist you. Assessors aren’t there to fail you; they’re there to gauge if you’ll safely drive on our roads with no help and where you create safe and proper decisions for your safety and other road users.


  • If you choose a test and you hope the assessor doesn’t ask you to do say a hill start or reverse park then practice until you achieve everything independently of your instructor/parent,
  • Don’t eat an enormous meal before the test as this will cause you to feel bloated and uncomfortable.
  • Chew some gum.
  • Have your logbook filled out correctly and your learners permit handy because the assessor will get to check these.
  • Most importantly relax and smile, if you’ve had the right help with parents and professional training you’ll pass, simple.
  • Take some time and don’t rush, not only is that the assessor checking you’re driving, he/she is additionally your passenger, so let’s give your passenger a smooth drive.
  • Something I tell every test candidate before their test -” if it’s clear go”,” if it’s not clear, don’t go “,” if you’re unsure, don’t go”.

Yes, it really is that straightforward, people attempt to complicate Driver Training with too many words and silly methods. A knowledgeable Driving Instructor is teaching you to drive as they drive because, at the top of the method, we would like you to be at an independent standard of driving to be on top of things of your safety on our roads once you drive.

It is recommended that beginner learners take professional driving lessons from reputable driving instructors. You get to master all the traffic rules and proper driving procedures quickly and simply by learning from experts.

DVS will provide you with either a digital or printed learner’s logbook, during which you’ve got to log your supervised driving hours.

Learners under 25 years old must complete a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving, including 5 hours of night-time driving.

It takes years to realize enough driving experience; 50 hours is simply the bare minimum.

As a learner, practice driving the maximum amount possible in various weather and traffic conditions. The longer you rack up behind the wheel, the more you build up confidence in vehicle control and traffic maneuvers.

Arrive at the testing site a minimum of a quarter-hour before the appointed time and convey your learner’s permit, identification documents, and your learner’s log book alongside a declaration of completion signed by your supervising driver.

Ensure you steel yourself against the test by revisiting everything you’ve learned both on the road and on paper.

Before sitting the sensible Driving Assessment, it’s always recommended that you simply have your driving instructor conduct a mock driving test. This may help to organize you for the important assessment and calm nerves as you’ll be conversant in the method and marking criteria.

No, it might be too easy to coach someone on a route in parrot-fashion to pass a test, ready to be taken anywhere on your test and be able to demonstrate control over your vehicle which you’re safe to be allowed to drive unaccompanied.

As Professional Driver trainers it’s our duty to you and each road user to assist develop your independent driving skills, whether taking automatic driving lessons or manual driving lessons. Simply put we would like to be ready to sit next to you and only give directions or ask you to park a car and you’ll do that unaided.

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