Drive Test Route


Learn how to drive on Bundoora’s varied difficult intersections on plenty road with Khan driving school, and learn wherever learner drivers typically create mistakes throughout the driving test.

How to get into the left lane employing a broken line well before you reach the intersection to avoid essential errors or “CE”!

How to follow the road once the road is bending, feels like you’re following the road however you’ll find yourself turning!

Some roads, for example, McKimmies Road feels like a 50km/h, however, that’s really a better ordinance road thus you’ll get to maintain speed.

Very tight corners at the beginning of the driving take a look at close to the car park. additionally, typically visibility is poor because of parked vehicles!

You might get loads of pedestrians crossing at the start of your drive thus you’ll get to look into the large image and provides thanks to pedestrians!

Driving lessons are tailored to individual desires and circumstances, as communicated to us by you or ascertained by our native instructor for Bundoora and near suburbs like Mill Park, Greensborough, Reservoir, and so on throughout the lesson. Desperately reserved drive takes a look at accompaniments and frequent lessons are organized with a real skilled instructor to form you prepared for driving within the Bundoora area.



If you’re searching for top-grade driving lessons in Carlton and Melbourne’s inner west suburbs, we are going to be your local driving school. Our absolutely qualified instructors are able to assist you to attain your goal easily, whether or not you wish to induce prepared for your postscript (Probationary driver’s license), convert a foreign license into a full license once passing drive takes a look at, book a number of refresher lessons to get ready to drive in Melbourne or maybe you are simply an absolute beginner, we have the experience to help you!


The driving test Carlton is consistently designed and therefore the driving examiner will cut back your marks based on the VicRoads drive take a look at the listing. So, the simplest tip or trick to pass the driving test is to create positivity: you do not lose any points or only a few points. Our driving instructors in Carlton know that to make you pass the driving test on the primary attempt, we have a track record of a 100 percent pass rate. they’ll teach you precisely how to not lose points and follow the checklist 100%.

A driving examiner is often comfy with a school car as a result of the grasp that the car is safe, frequently maintained, the learner who is giving the take a look at has been trained in Carlton and it’s a dual pedal. The driving test route in Carlton presently doesn’t cover Melbourne city. This testing center is the nearest for individuals living within the CBD area. Victoria Street is the test boundary! therefore hook flip is additionally not enclosed in your driving test taken at Carlton VicRoads. The most regulation is 60km/hr. On this testing station whereas most of the opposite testing offices have an 80km/hr. zone included in the driving test route. There’s no three-point turns in Carlton as well! This will build Carlton an honest choice


Here a number of learner drivers fail as a result of they were using their own car and that they should have forgotten to induce the car to be checked up by a professional mechanic. school in Carlton cars is often meeting this requirement.

If you’re unable to spot or complete points one and a pair of the examiner can cancel the take a look at otherwise you won’t be allowed to require the driving test.

For point 3, if you are unable to identify it, then the examiner will show you, it’s necessary for you to recollect it because it may well be needed to use it throughout the driving take a look at and if you fail to purpose it out or implement it then you’ll be failed.

This is sort of a five minutes task, an easy task however a really necessary task. This is often one of the reasons to rent a school car instead of using your own car. school cars are frequently maintained and serviced. Their cars meet the driving test criteria.



Khan Driving college Essendon Fields is regionally primarily based thus we all know your area very well. Our lessons are bespoken to your car, your area, and your needs.

Whether you’re on your L Plates and desperate to ensure you pass your check or simply wish to enhance your driving skills, our instructors make sure you are well prepared.  If you are ready to require your driving test within the Essendon Fields area, near the closest test center is the VicRoads – Broadmeadows client Service Centre.

Essendon Fields may be a suburb near Essendon Fields Airport, eleven km north-west of Melbourne CBD. The closest service center is VicRoads – Broadmeadows client Service Centre.


Mistakes are a district of driving. Most of the 2 crucial errors are allowed all told driving tests. These critical errors will be anybody of the following:

  • Forget to stop at a stop sign,
  • Unable to perform reverse parallel parking
  • Unable to perform a three-point turn
  • Forget to present indicator sign whereas turning towards any side

You have to be compelled to be very careful and ensure that the above-mentioned errors shouldn’t be quite two otherwise it’ll result in instantaneous failure within the driving test.

When you’re asked to create a left or right turn throughout your check, if you keep in mind to present an indicator however forget to visualize your mirrors, then which will be counted as an error. If you press brake before checking mirrors, then that will be progressing to add up in your error list. Not positioning properly before creating flips will be the opposite mistake. And one important factor to stay in mind whereas giving your test is that if you create 5 mistakes in continuation, then that’s going to fail you for sure.

So, you would like to keep this stuff in mind while showing for your driving test. If you follow and keep in mind these rules, you may ne’er fail within the driving check and might drive with full confidence. you’ll be able to pass your driving test on the 1st try after you grasp these things beforehand.


If you would like to enhance your safe driving skills, otherwise you are a learner driver hoping to pass your test, our instructors will make sure you are well prepared. If you’re getting to take your driving test within the Kew area.

Important things to see for before your test drive.

  • Engine and suspension

The engine should be cold before you begin – feel the bonnet. If it’s warm, the vendor might be trying to cover a starting problem.

Check for signs of excessive smoke once you start the car and when you’re driving. The engine should close up and pull smoothly.

Listen for unusual sounds or clunks from the suspension.


  • Steering and brakes

Steering should be responsive with no unusual vibration or free play.

Brakes should give confidence and stop the car during a line.


  • Clutch and gears

Can you engage all gears smoothly without crunching?

If the clutch doesn’t start ‘biting’ until the pedal has nearly reached the highest, the clutch might be worn and should get to be changed.




We cover all suburbs in Melbourne and therefore the countryside VicRoads. Driving teachers are Friendly and Reliable. perceive your needs and can counsel the simplest solutions. We have a tendency to sometimes recommend any student to attend one lesson. Thus, within the 1st lesson, our professional driving instructor will assess, and guide the learner driver properly. All types of safety measures are taken care of throughout driving lessons.

Driving safely might not be decent to pass the driving test. Since the license testing officers are going to be wanting into the sequence within which you’re playing the task, you want to drive in step with the factors that our professional driving instructor will help you learn in order to get the tick on the driving score sheet.

Let us give you an example with the image of the sequence that you must remember and follow for the instruction: “When safe, move to the right lane”!

You can get the mark based on the way you follow and perform the instruction. The correct sequence of performing the lane change would be:

Firstly, check the Internal mirror then the Right-side mirror then Indicate (minimum 3 seconds, adjust speed to create a gap if needed while maintaining the speed). After that do a head check and if no one is in the blind spot and it’s a broken line then you’ll move step by step to the correct lane.



Khan driving school at South Morang makes the process of learning to drive the safest and best way by utilizing the talents of our extremely trained and patient driving instructors whereas making certain the protection of our shoppers the least bit of times.

At South Morang, we tend to aim to assist and assist you in mastering the skills you would like to realize driving excellence and pass your driving check with confidence.

We can give you all the support and data you need to guide you through this process.

  • All of our South Morang driving instructors:
  • Are absolutely qualified and VicRoads accredited
  • Hold current operating with kids and Police Checks
  • All driver coaching vehicles are modern, safe, dual controlled with a minimum 4-star ANCAP rating
  • Trained to the very best standards
  • Automatic and Manual vehicles
  • All English-speaking male and female driving instructors
  • Selected driving instructors will deliver exceptional drive sessions

We provide each Male and female instructor to assist you are feeling nice and luxuriate in learning time. And what is more, they offer both programmed and manual driving lessons in the course of all Suburbs in Melbourne.



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